When I was a little girl, I was obsessed with taking pictures, but because I did not have a camera or phone, I used my mom’s phone. I would try to take the best pictures I could, considering the equipment I had. I considered it more of a hobby until I attended the 2017 Women’s March that occurred in Washington DC. It made me realize how important photography is to me and other people.

I share stories through photos, and I help people make memories.

I provide people with memorabilia, something to reflect on. Photographs represent memories, and we look at pictures when we want to remember a moment. Images capture emotions and allow us to relive those feelings over and over, even after the fact. When someone looks at my pictures and talk about all the experiences they went through during that time, I smile. My creation brought out that reaction in them; I created that memory for them.

Photography is more than a hobby; it’s a lifestyle.

Not only do I want people to look at my pictures and remember, I want to remember as well. Like the time our football team finally scored a point, or when our school walked out to protest gun violence. I can also stop time—in portraits of high school seniors.

I love capturing the emotions in a photo and remembering the experiences. I want to help you remember as well.