Hi! My name is Grace Zacharias, and I am a photographer, writer, video editor, and artist.

I began my artistic journey when I was younger. I took my mom’s camera and would attempt to take self portraits (I failed miserably). From there, my love for the art of creating memories grew; I joined my school’s yearbook staff, received a photo internship, worked as a sports photographer, and so much more.

I am a student at James Madison University with a major in Studio Art: Photography and a minor in WRTC: Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication. During my time here I have taken theater headshots, Linkedin profile photos, sports photos, and even photos for JMU marketing.

I had many internship opportunities including a marketing internship with James Madison University, a video editing internship with a company called The Downtown Creative, and a sports photography internship with the JMU Athletic Department.

A little bit more about me is that I am a lover of reading. I always try and keep a book on hand wherever I go. Fiction is my favorite type of genre, and I can sometimes read a full book in one day (if I am really dedicated). Reading and learning is an important thing that I value in my life

My family is also very important to me. I am a child of four with one older sister and two younger sisters (all girls!) I have three cats: Tigger, the grandpa cat; Phoenix, the loving Calico; and Evie, the crazy Siamese. Phoenix and Evie are sisters and the newest members of my family.

Traveling is a big passion of mine and I dream of travelling to Ireland, Scotland, or Greece one day.

I am also incredibly passionate about photography. I love doing editorial content, locations, families, friends, portraits, etc., and I am always open to a new photography adventure!